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Behind The Name

We have all climbed mountains, metaphorically and/or literally speaking! Enduring life’s most challenging struggles is much like the experience of climbing a mountain. Every mountain, no matter how big or small, teaches us something and makes us who we are. 
So, what’s it like standing at the base and looking up? It’s scary. It’s intimidating. It’s vulnerable. Sometimes we feel small and insignificant and fear what lies ahead on the trail leading up. Then you find yourself mustering up the courage to take on that mountain and this can sometimes be the hardest part…until you start your journey up, that is. 
As we climb, the air gets thinner, it becomes harder to breathe and we often wonder what we were thinking when we decided to begin this seemingly impossible trek. Finally, we reach the summit. Feelings of empowerment, gratitude and the ability to see things far and wide that we could never see from the bottom.
This process is similar to that of healing following some of life’s most challenging trials. Therapy itself will most definitely not climb that mountain for us, but it can sure act as a trail, which makes our process of healing more feasible. 
As your therapist, I believe in acting in the role of a hiking partner who will meet you where you are and climb alongside you at your own pace while guiding, providing space, validating, challenging and encouraging you up the trail until you reach your summit!

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